WIB global

This is your partner in creating and developing business worldwide on the Internet. With the implementation of new innovative technologies in the field of Web, IT, Blockchain, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

Web Development

We create WEB solutions that can solve any given task! We comply with the NDA (non-disclosure) agreement, terms of development.

Blockchain Development

We create and implement Blockchain technology in a project of any complexity. We write a smart-contract for any process.

Targetmastering of Campaign

We can accurately track, collect and compose a portrait of your client.
Catch up and show your advertising in 48 countries in all possible formats!
With the use of such types of targeting as: geotrapping and weather conditions.

Google search engine

Your strategic partner on the Internet around the world. We help you find yourself in all Google tools such as: google business, google maps, search on context advertising and SEO delivery.

Reputational marketing

Your well-thought SMM campaign will be in safe hands. We come with all responsibility to all the details. We will also help to remove the negative history of search results and raise the reputation level of your company.


We will make a personal assistant for your business with the help of which you will repeatedly increase the number of your customers, loyalty to the brand and show your innovativeness in work!

Analytics and optimization

We will build tunnels and sales funnels based on calculation of all kinds of data. We will compile the most profitable portraits of buyers and show how you can increase profits.

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